First off... let me be honest and reveal that I am listening to Christmas music while writing this post (sorry not sorry).

I have not talked about makeup in a while, mostly because no one wears a lot in summer, but here we are in Autumn where warmer tones and darker lipsticks are back in our makeup bags.

The transition of colors in our surroundings really inspired me for this makeup. I get out and I see a lot of vibrant colors on the trees, some leaves are yellow, red, brown, orange. Obviously I'm not creating a makeup look with all those colors because I would end up looking like a clown but it did inspire me to be bolder with colors. I usually like to play it safe and apply colors that are not too visible. But I do own these amazing products with vibrant colors so might as well be using them!

Not a lot of orange tones this year but more colors revolving around purple. I used my Naked 3 palette for my eyes, a Sleek blush in Flushed and my Colorpop Lippiestix in Grunge on my lips. 



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