These are the most beautiful days of the season, when the leaves become an art piece with so many different colors representing the different stages of their lives. This is the best season to take a walk and look at the trees, kick the leaves on the floor and enjoy the crispy air. 

It's also the time of the year when it's not so cold that we have to bundle up in our big coats. Also this is my favorite jacket to wear this season because it matches the leaves perfectly and also it feels like I'm wearing a blanket. 
I also found these Doc Martens in my mother's wardrobe and I can assure you that they will be all I all I'll be wearing this winter season, they are the best the protect from the rain and the snow, no need to worry about getting cold or wet feet. 

Sweater : C&A - Jeans : ASOS - Shoes : Doc Martens - Jacket : Forever 21 (Similar from ASOS)


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