the summer playlist '19

Music is Life

Music represents about 65% of my day, I listen to music everywhere I go, whenever I am alone. The chances of me not wearing my headphones when I'm commuting are very slim, and if I don't have them it usually means that I forgot them. 
Listening to music is the perfect way to escape for me, if I'm not feeling well I always find a song that will make me feel better. It's also a great way to spend time with God, worship is a big part of my daily routine. Music is just an overall great way to spend your time and it's one of the things that bring people together. Play a song that everyone knows in the car and it turns into a carpool karaoke session, artists also like to write songs to go along with an event. 
I just find that music is one of the most uplifting things in life and I'm pretty sure most people agree to that. 

The Summer 2019 Jams

So I'm currently building my playlist for this summer and if I'm honest, it's already looking pretty great. I think that once again we have a summer full of bops coming up and I'm so ready for it! 


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