The Brunch Series - Farm Girl

Farm Girl Café Notting Hill London Brunch

The Brunch Series 

I said that when I was in Montpellier already, but the great thing about moving to a new city is the new restaurants, museums and places in general you get to discover.
Being in London, I think I have enough to keep me busy for the next 3 years!
Since moving here, I have been to a new place for brunch pretty much every Sunday, which is why I'm starting this new series. And yes, it's exactly what it sounds life, a basic millennial eating overpriced avocado toast and coffee in an aesthetically pleasing setting.

Farm Girl Café 

Full, disclosure, I've actually been to Farm Girl twice, in Soho and in Notting Hill. Highly recommend the one in Notting Hill, the vibe is a lot more chill and the staff is way cooler and friendlier. It is your pretty typical Australian brunch place with Avocado Toast, Açaï Bowl and pancakes. But they do step it up with some new recipes like this fried egg on toast with Kimchi, which is delicious to taste and very healthy for your gut.
They also have the most interesting drinks, like a hot mint-chocolate, a rose latte and many more.
Whether you want to eat or just have a nice drink, I highly recommend this spot and I know I will most definitely be back!
Follow them on Instagram for some brunch inspo (and not to brag , but they reposted my picture)

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