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Summer inspiration

I would call it ironic, that now that I've moved to London I'm very inspired by French fashion. Keyword: inspired.
I'm only now starting to follow French Instagram accounts and getting inspirations from Paris. Don't give me wrong I've always loved Paris but I always thought that the Parisian style was too much of a cliché, and it totally is, which is what I love about it. 
I get a lot of inspiration from being in London as well, this is definitely a place where people express themselves through fashion and everywhere you go people have different styles.
Summer is also a time to be outside, drinking on terraces, laying in the sun in the park, going to the beach. It's a time to be colorful and to go all out.

Everything is from Instagram or Pinterest, and I'm pretty sure I won't dress anything like it but being inspired is always important, it's what gets you started.



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