Spring is here and we're unfortunately deprived from the fun activities we usually get up to. Going to to park, sitting for hours at the pub, meeting up with friends and generally enjoying the outdoors will have to wait until it's safe for everyone to be outside. In the meantime, stay home if you can!

Being on lockdown keeps us from doing many things, but it doesn't keep us from listening to music, discovering new artists and having solo dance parties. Now more than ever, music is the only espace that many of us have, it's way to take your mind off things and to reminisce on some old memories. We often say that music is a universal language, and that's so true, so many DJ's are playlist their sets live on Instagram, and everyone is sharing their playlist. If my playlist doesn't fit your style, there for sure is something out there for you!

Spring is usually a season when I start listening to upbeat music, but I guess this year, everything that's going on is putting me in a more mellow and blues mood. Hope you enjoy these tunes, there's many more on my Spotify.


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