Your Favourite Playlist for Summer 2020


Today we're back with my favourite type of blogs, so my favourite time of the year, the SUMMER PLAYLIST 2020 is here people!! Some tunes to dance, laugh, cry, kiss to. Summer is a season of celebration, of making memories and of enjoying life to the fullest. I mean the rest of the year is about that as well, but everything hits different in the summer. At the end of each year, when I look back at the highlights, there's always so much that happened in the summer ūüíõ 

Making the best of Summer 2020 in London

Although this summer might not be the one we were expecting to have, we can still make it a good one. Pubs and restaurants (basically life) reopened in the UK this weekend, and although I didn't do anything special, I'm just happy we're back to some type of normalcy. 

Life has been really weird, a bit scary and full of questions these past few months, I'm just excited to be able to go out to places again and still make it an unforgettable summer. 

My perfect recipe to summer requires some good tunes, a good drinks and good people. Keeping it simple yet making the best out of every moment. The past few weeks have been so nice and sunny, and now we can finally enjoy this beautiful weather (while still being careful and responsible). 

This playlist is a bit moody (but I mean it's me)  with some tunes to dance to mixed with some soul to cry, and I'm sure I'll be adding many more in the next few weeks. 


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