A Sad Girl's Day Playlist

A moody and nostalgic playlist, longing for better times

A playlist with some of my favourite slow, indie and pop songs (atm) that I like to listen to looking out the window, thinking of better and more social times. It's winter 2021 and we're close to a year since the first lockdown. Honestly, I didn't care for a while but I feel like the past few weeks have been heavier than usual. I could blame it on January but when I think about it, I don't see anyone or don't anywhere else than my living room and my kitchen during the day... it's getting harder and harder everyday. 

My days consist of waking up, getting 'ready', having breakfast and working. As we say in France, 'les jours se suivent et se ressemblent' - everyday is the same and sometimes all I want to do is have a Sad Girl's Day and this is just the perfect playlist for that. Lana del Rey, Olivia Rodrigo and Arctic Monkeys... the perfect tunes to eat your feeling or just lay down while you cry or daydream about the rest of this year.

Listen to the full playlist on Spotify and remember that times will pass...  


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