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The Root of My Adult Acne 

I've had acne since I was about 22 and ever since then it's been a roller coaster. I can go a few months with a pretty clear skin (I usually always break out during my period) and then a few months with breakouts that I'm not always sure what the cause is. 
Up until now, my skin has always been oily, no matter the season. But last year, winter hit my skin harder than ever before and I was embarking on a really long journey. Back in February 2020, I started having pretty bad breakouts and I would wear makeup to cover them up but the texture was so bad, I wasn't really hiding anything or my skin would start to peel. 

Came lockdown, and I feel like things kept getting worse and I truly didn't understand why. I was sticking to the same routine as before and my diet was pretty clean. I took pictures of my skin often to track the progress and it was getting worse so I just stopped because it was making sad. My self confidence took a huge hit and I remember taking those pictures and bursting into tears two seconds after. 

It's only in the summer, when my skin became oily again that I understood that my skin had turned dry in the winter. Using my routine for oily skin, I was basically stripping my skin off all the essential oils and it was trying to produce more oil, which would lead to breakouts. It took me a few months to understand that my skin had become dry in the winter and was just craving for moisture and not the opposite. 

A year later, I'm really careful with my skincare routine and I make sure I keep a strict regimen of products that are only going to do my skin some good. 

How I cleared my adult acne 

Using more gentle products was definitely a turning point. While they still contained AHA and BHA to help with the scarring and the breakouts, I tried my best to use products that would be gentle and would not disrupt the skin barrier. 
I also started taking probiotics to really tackle my acne at the root. Our skin is an elimination organ, which means that it shows what's wrong on the inside. The Beauty Chef products really helped restore my gut, and although I think that most of my acne was due to external factors, probiotics did help with the inflammation. 
It's now springtime and although my skin is not back to being oily, it's also not super dry. Just like the weather, it's definitely transitioning, so I try to use really gentle products to make sure I don't mess up my skin barrier. 

The impact of adult acne on my mental health and confidence 

This was probably the hardest part this time around. Sure I had dealt with acne before and my skin always got better but this time around it was so much harder. Being home all the time, I would always look in the mirror and stare at my skin. I would pick my skin and hate myself two minutes later because I knew I had just made it so much worse. Being in lockdown helped because I didn't have to face too many people, but when I did, I would see the looks I would get because of my skin. 

What reassured me was going on online platform and realising that many other men and women go through acne phases in their adult years, it taught me not to beat myself up. The thing with acne is that I was somewhat in control of it once I figured out what the root of my acne was. 


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