How to Build a Good Skincare Routine

Why Do I Need a Skincare Routine? 

Whenever I start talking about my love for skincare and accidentally start explaining what my whole skincare routine is (oops), some people get really confused as to why I go all out. When you think about it, it wasn't that long ago that we would only use moisturiser and go on with our day. It's not like no one had skin issued but no one cared as much as we do know. 

The main reason why skincare is important is because the environment has changed and impacts our skin more than it did before. If you live in a big city, your skin is really affected by the polluted air, the stuffy air in public transport and other factors like these... The air we breathe isn't as clean as it used to be and it really shows on our skin. Having a skincare routine really allows to protect you skin daily. 

The other reason why you need to have a routine is because the skin thrives on consistency. It takes a while for us to really see the results from the products we use because our skin has to get used to it. Just like any other routines we build, our skin loves if we use the same products daily or on a regular basis. 

Do I need a Morning and Evening Skincare Routine? 

I like to have a different routine in the morning and the evening. My morning routine preps and protects my skin during the day. I always keep it minimal, mostly because I'm usually half asleep when I do my morning skincare, so I don't have the time nor the energy to put a lot of effort into my skin. 

My evening skincare routine is really meant to treat and repair my skin. That skincare routine is part of a ritual for me, it's when I really take some time just for myself and my thoughts. It's the time when I start unwinding from the day and get myself ready for a good evening and a good night's sleep. I always double cleanse and use the right actives for the state my skin is at the moment. If my skin is having a rough time, I'll use more products but if it's doing ok, I'll just use the strict minimum (which is still more than most people's routine). 

Debunking some myths about skincare 

Your skincare doesn't have to be complicated. I will admit that I like to go over the top when it comes to my skincare, mainly because I have experienced what it's like to have a bad skin and I never want to go through that phase again. But if your skin is doing well, you can simply cleanse, moisturise, use SPF and call it a day. Skincare is something really personal because no one has the same skin or the same skin history. 

Skincare doesn't have to be expensive!! I hate it when I'm told that a good skincare routine costs a lot of money, because that's not always the case. There are some great brands and products that you can buy for £5 and still get great results from them. 

Skincare is a huge market with thousands of brands of different quality at different price points but the price isn't always a reflection of the quality of the product *cough cough, La Mer*. Especially at a time where we're getting more educated about skincare and more people are building routines from a young age, you can find amazing products for an amazing price. 

How do I Figure Out What works for Me? 

When it comes to finding the right products for you, this is probably one of the most complicated part of building a skincare routine. You can watch as many videos and read as many articles as you want, you still won't be able to find the right routine for you. 

It all depends on your skin type, sometimes your skin tone but also your skin 'history'. If you have any conditions like acne, eczema or anything like that. There are a lot of people who do skin consults now, where they'll recommend the right products for your skin. The best ones to turn to are the ones where they don't have their own products because they'll really make recommendations depending on your actual needs. 


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