Coral Shades for the Summer

We're Coral for the Summer

Although summer is the season where we wear the least amount of makeup because no one likes to have a sticky, sweaty face and we just feel more free with our skin breathing. Summer is the time of the year when I LOVE to play with colours, there's just something about playing with orange and coral tones during this time of year. Whether it's on the cheeks, lips or eyelids, there tones bring a little colour and light to the face and make me look a bit healthier and alive, hiding the fact that I'm probably suffering from the heat. 

Wearing masks is making this a bit more complicated that before, but I think it's a great time to experience with eyeshadow and wearing your blush a bit higher than usual, almost like a highlighter? Although you don't want to look to shiny because the heat is already doing that for you, try to find something with a slight and subtle shimmer, it will make all the difference! 

Some of my favourites: 

Glossier Cloud Paint in Beam 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Quirky

Sephora Collection in Sweet on You 

Honest Beauty in Peony Pink 


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