Do Beauty Supplements Work?

The Impact of your Diet on your Skin

In the past five years, the wellness and supplements industry has boomed and it's become more mainstream to take supplements for your daily struggles rather than turning to medication or not do anything about it. If you look into supplement cabinet, you'd be likely to find your generic vitamins like B-complex, vitamin D or a multivitamin. Then depending on the different health and wellbeing issues, the other ones will vary. You'll find supplements for gut health, bloating, sleep supplements, stress supplements, beauty and hair supplements, you name it! 

As a beauty and skincare enthusiast, I gave in and tried some beauty supplements to see how my skin would react and if they were worth the hype. My goals were to help clear out my skin and even out the texture. 

What are Beauty Supplements/Nutricosmetics? 

Having good looking and healthy skin is not just about using the right skincare products and ingredients but it's also about what you eat. In a perfect world, we would all have a healthy diets with the right nutrients to feel and look our best but that's unfortunately not the case. With the fast pace lives we run, we barely have time to have a good breakfast, sometimes lunch and even those meals aren't the healthiest for us. Between people who only have a black coffee (which is highly dehydrating) and those who run in and out of Pret for a quick meal, our bodies are left with little to no nutritional food. 

Nutricosmetics are supplements packed with the best vitamins and minerals for our skin. One of the most popular supplement for good skin, hair and nails is biotin but just like other supplements, we've seen more and more beauty supplements appearing in the past two years or so. 

The Best Vitamins for your Skin

Probiotics: You gut and your skin are tightly connected (it's called the gut-skin axis). If your gut is unbalanced, it may be inflamed and that will easily reflect onto your skin. Taking probiotics on the regular will help balance out your gut and the healthier your gut is, the better your skin will be. Taking probiotic supplements is also good for your overall health and wellbeing, definitely a good one to have in the morning! 

Collagen: Collagen supplements really went from zero to 100 in a year or two and now you can find countless collagen supplements in the UK: bovine, marine, vegan, you name it! We naturally produce collagen from the day we are born, this protein basically helps us look younger and keeps the wrinkles and fine lines away. But from the age of 25, our body's natural production of collagen starts to decrease. Depending on your skin, this can start to show within a year or sometimes a few years. Collagen supplements are also good to take for your overall body's health, as it also protects your muscles and joints. 

Zinc is my best-friend, whether I apply it on my skin or as a supplement, it's one of the best ingredients for me. As someone who struggled and still struggles with acne and clogged pores, taking zinc helps with clogged pores and applying it as skincare helps balance the production of oil and keep some of the breakouts away.  

Best Foods for your Skin 

Supplements are necessary to take daily, especially if you feel like you get the right nutrients from your diet, you can definitely do without. Some of the best foods for healthier skin are: 

  • Foods high in vitamin C like citrus fruits, carrots
  • Dark leafy greens (if you know about liquid chlorophyll on TikTok, same thing) 
  • Fatty Fish 
  • Berries 

Best Beauty Supplements UK 

The Beauty Chef Collagen Boost 

Glow Sweet Glow 

Kiki Health Liquid Chlorophyll 

The Nue Co Skin Filter


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