How to Change your Skincare Routine for Winter

The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and your skin is getting dryer and that means… winter is coming. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to switch up your skincare routine to make sure your skin gets all the hydration it needs and stays healthy during the cold months.

It's Time to Switch Up your Skincare Routine 

Come the colder months, your skin needs more moisture than the previous months because the cold and dry air is out for your skin. And that’s not just your face but your whole body, especially your hands and believe it or not, your scalp.

The best ingredients to add to your routine in winter

Squalane is a gentle and hydrating oil that’s perfect to implement in your autumn/winter skincare routine, or if you’re in your late 20s and are starting to get dry skin, add this ingredient. Apart from being highly hydrating, squalane also promotes the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles and can help regulate the texture of your skin. Squalane is suitable for any skin type, it’s one of the oils that’s the most similar to the oil we naturally produce.

Snail mucin is an ingredient we are starting to see more in skincare formulations. Although it sounds pretty gross to apply on your skin, snail mucin is one of the most hydrating ingredients out there. The consistency really nourishes your skin and gets in the deeper layers of your skin to deeply hydrate the skin and help smooth out fine lines that may be starting to appear. 

Hyaluronic acid  is an ingredient that pretty much everyone who’s into skincare has added into their skincare routine. If you haven’t, now would be the perfect time to do it! Hyaluronic acid not only hydrates your but it also pulls moisture from the air and helps retain your skin’s moisture. This is one that’s good to have all year-round, especially if you naturally have dry skin.

Moving on to face oils, this is something that might sound scary, especially for those who have oily skin but there are different types of oils for different types of skin, which we’ll get into a bit later. Finishing up your skincare routine with an oil really helps seal the moisture from the other products your used and acts as a barrier between the air and your skin.

In the winter specifically, it’s also nice to switch your makeup remover to an oil based one, whether it’s a cleansing balm or a an oil cleanse. This will helps maintain good levels of oil in your skin.

Why Does my Skin Get Dry in the Winter

Personally, my skin is always at its best in the spring and summer. It’s always nice and plump and honestly requires minimum effort to be at its best. When autumn arrives, I always find it hard to keep my skin in check and then winter is even worse. Between odd texture, hormonal acne and general dryness, I can tell my skin needs a bit more TLC than usual. I started noticing these changes over the last two years (probably because of my skin ageing as well), and these are some of the lessons I learned: 

Your skin being dry in the winter is a normal thing, and is mostly due to external factors, which is why it can easily be counteracted with the right skincare ingredients.

The dry and cold winter air will pull moisture out of your skin, this is also why our hands tend to get quite dry in the winter, so carrying a hand cream in your bag is never a bad idea.

Because of the cold, chances are that you’ll be turning on the heat in your home, which will also cause your skin to dry out faster. The temperature switch when you go in and out of places is quite unsettling for your skin as well.

Another factor you really can’t control when your skin to dry skin is your age. The older we get, the less moisture and oil is in our skin naturally. That’s why you want to make sure you compensate for those with the right ingredients and humectants.

The Perfect Winter Skincare Routine

These products are only recommendations, everyone has a different skin and different needs, so make sure you adapt to what works best for you. I have combination skin, prone to breakouts and these are products that work really well with my skin during this time of year. 

Winter Morning Skincare Routine

Winter Nighttime Skincare Routine:


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